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Apr 29, 2011

Sweating: Some Rubrics and their medicines.

Sweat on forehead with heat in head: Carbo. Veg.

Warm Sweat with hot and red cheeks and attacks of anxiety: Pulsatilla

Cold sweat and open fontanels: Calc Phos., Mercurius

Sweat driving out of bed: Carbo.Veg.

Sweat in attacks: Calc. Phos

Sweat in Large drops: Platina

Sweat staining the linen, difficult to wash: Lac.D., Mag.C., Merc., Sepia

Sweat profuse from music: Tarentula H.

Sweat profuse on uncovered parts except head: Thuja

Sweat profuse on covered parts: Chammomila, China, Ferrum M, Nitric Acid, Thuja, Belladona, Nux. V., Secale C.

Sweating on painful parts: Kali Carb

Sweating after disappearance of pains: Chelidonium

Sweating on hearing unpleasant news: Calc. Phos.

Sweating when passing flatus: Kali. Bichrom.

Sweating from conversation: Ambra G.

Sweating, icy cold: Tabacum

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