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Mar 11, 2011

Leucorrhea: Indicated Homeopathic Medicines

 Leucorrhea is a loose term for any kind of vaginal discharges other then blood. In strict definition leucorrhea is excessive vaginal discharge in which primary cause is not infective. Vaginal discharges which contains pus cells and causative organisms, known as Specific Vaginal Infections. But there is no clear demarcation between Leucorrhea and Specific Vaginal Infection, both may co exist and in day to day clinical practice both are considered on same account.

Alumina- Leucorrhea Acrid, Profuse, Transparent, Ropy, Tenacious, with burning, worse during daytime, worse after menses. Leucorrhea Exhaustive.
Anemic and Chlorotic girls at puberty with abnormal craving for certain indigestible articles such as slate pencils, chalk, whitewash etc.
Patient is very low-spirited and inclined to weep, worse on awakening resembling Lachesis, Pulsatilla, Sepia etc.
Apprehension and fear that he will go crazy, suicidal tendency when the patient see blood or knife.

Ammonium Muriaticum- Leucorrhea is brown and lumpy or else clear and albuminous which follows after every urination.

Borax- Leucorrhea as like white of eggs with sensation as if warm water is flowing. Clear, copious and albuminous leucorrhea.

Bovista- Leucorrhea is acrid, thick, tough, greenish and after menses. Can not bear tight clothing around waist (like Lachesis).

Bovista patient is awkward, everything falls from hands.

Calcarea Carbonica- Leucorrhea profuse, with considerable itching and burning and is generally milky, purulent, yellow and thick in appearance. It is especially indicated for leucorrhea occurring before puberty even in little girls.

Calcarea Phosphorica- Leucorrhea likes white of an egg.

Carbo Vegetabilis- Leucorrhea is before menses, thick, milky and excoriating.

Cocculus- Leucorrhea purulent, gushing between menses; very weakening, can scarcely speak.

Graphites- Leucorrhea is profuse, coming in gushes and is excoriating. Leucorrhea may be pale, thin, profuse, white, excoriating with great weakness in back.
Graphites patients are anemic but constitutionally they are fatty and flabby.

Helonias- Tendency to inflammation of the vulva and vagina with formation of pus. Ulceration of cervix uteri. Leucorrhea which has a bad odor and every little exertion tends to produce a flow of blood. Persistent itching about the genitals with or without the formation of blisters or sores.

Hepar Sulf- Leucorrhea extremely offensive, smells like old cheese.

Hydrastis- Leucorrhea is worse after menses, acrid, corroding, shreddy, tenacious. Itching of vulva with profuse leucorrhea.

Kali Bichromicum- Yellow, tenacious stringy Leucorrhea. Itching of vulva with great burning and excitement.

Kreosotum-  Leucorrhea is yellow, acrid, odor of fresh green corn, worse between periods. Corrosive itching within vulva, burning and swelling of labia; violent itching between labia and thighs. Acridity and irritating nature of leucorrhea in Kreosotum is very marked.

Lilium Tigrinum- Leucorrhea is watery, yellowish or yellowish –brown and excoriating with smarting in labia. This excoriating property of Lilium is characteristic.

Mercurius Sol- Leucorrhea excoriating, greenish, bloody with sensation of rawness in parts. Itching and burning is worse after urination, better washing with cold water. Morning sickness with profuse salivation.

Murex- Leucorrhea thick, green or bloody with lancinating pains extending upward to the abdomen or thorax.

Natrum Carb- Leucorrhea is thick and yellow which sometimes has a putrid odor and ceases after urination.

Nitricum Acidum- Leucorrhea brown, flesh-colored, watery or stringy, offensive.

Psorinum- Leucorrhea is fetid, lumpy with much backache and debility.

Pulsatilla- Leucorrhea acrid, burning and creamy. Pain in back with tired feeling.
Pulsatilla woman is tearful, sympathetic, anemic and want open air always.

Sepia- Leucorrhea is yellowish green color, excoriating and offensive with itching of parts.
Sepia patient is Indifferent to those loved best, aversion to occupation, to family. Irritable; easily offended. Dreads to be alone. Very Sad and weeps easily.

Thuja- Leucorrhea  profuse, thick, greenish. Warts or condylomata appears on genitals or anus, about the perineum and upon mucous surfaces.


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