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Dec 14, 2010

Homeopathic Medicines indicated for some uncommon disorders

Homeopathic medicines are prescribed on basis of similar individuality of patient with medicines. But many cases does not present with a good number of symptoms. Masters and famous prescribers has suggested some indicated medicines in disorders with few symptoms.

Lipoma : Baryta Carb, Baryta Mur, Baryta Iod.

Warts :

On Wrist – Ferrum magneticum।

Back of Fingers - Dulcamara.

Side of Fingers – Calc। Carb

Around Nails – Causticum

Obstinate Warts – Bacillinum

Flat and Bleeding Warts – Baryta Carb., Mag. Sulph, Calc. Calcinata

Proteinuria : In children - Kali Chloratum and Ichthyotoxin.

Frozen Shoulder and Tennis Elbow : Ruta is a good remedy in both these disorders.

Cholesterol Increased : Calc. Carb 6, Phosphorus 6, Thuja 6

Boils : Myristica Sebifera 200 X only 1 dose abort, hasten suppuration and heal quickly.

Cervical Spondylitis, Neck Pains : Lachnantes 6

Thumb Sucking : Calc. Phos, Calc. Carb, Ipecac 1M, Natrum Mur. , Silicea.

Taste Bitter :

Milk Taste Bitter – Sabina

Bitter While Smoking – Cocculus, Puls.

Sugar Tastes bitter – Sanguinaria

Plums Taste Bitter - Iodum

Water Taste Bitter – Ars. Album

Phimosis : Cannabis Sativa

Cracked and ulcerated Nipples : Castor Equi.

Nail Biting : Ars. Album, Arum T., Calc Carb, Cina, Stramonium.

Keloids : Nitric Acid 200 / 1M, Thiosinaminum 6, Acid Flour, Silicea.

Chronic Sick Headache : Chionanthus 6

Anal Fissure : Hypericum, Nitric Acid, Ratanhia

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