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Sep 3, 2008

Terms in Skin Diseases and their Definitions

Terms Used in Skin Diseases and their Definitions:-

Macule- Small flat area of altered color or texture

Papule- Small solid elevation of skin, less than .5 cm in diameter

Nodule- A solid mass in skin, greater than .5 cm in diameter

Plaque- Elevated area of skin greater than 2 cm in diameter but without substantial depth

Vesicle- Circumscribed elevation of skin , less than .5 cm in diameter and containing fluid

Bulla- Circumscribed elevation of skin over .5 cm in diameter and containing fluid

Pustule- A visible accumulation of pus in skin

Abscess- A localized collection of Pus in a cavity. More than 1 cm in diameter

Wheal- An elevated white compressible , evanescent area produced by dermal edema

Papilloma- A nipple like mass projecting from skin

Petechiae- Pinhead size macules due to bleeding in skin

Purpura- Large area of bleeding in skin

Ecchymosis- A larger extravasation of blood into skin

Hematoma- A swelling from gross bleeding

Burrow- A linear or curvilinear papule, caused by a burrowing scabies mite

Comedo- A plug of keratin and Sebum wedged in a dilated pilosebaceous orifice

Telangiectasia- The visible dilation of small cutaneous blood vessels

Scale- A flake rising from the horny layer

Crust – Looks like a scale but is composed of dried blood or tissue fluid

Erosion- An area of skin denuded by a complete or partial loss of the Epidermis

Ulcer- An area of skin from which the whole of the epidermis ( Uppermost layer of skin) and at least the upper part of Dermis ( Inner layer of skin below epidermis) is lost

Excoriation- An ulcer or erosion produced by scratching

Fissure- A slit in the skin

Sinus- A cavity or channel that permits the escape of pus or fluid

Scar- The result of healing in which normal structures are permanently replaced by fibrous tissue

Atrophy- Thinning of skin due to diminution of the epidermis ,dermis, subcutaneous fat

Stria - A streak like linear, atrophic, pink, purple or white lesion of the skin due to changes in the connective tissue

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