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Aug 18, 2008

Comparison of Bryonia,Nux Vomia,Pulsatilla In Gastric Disorders

1. All these three medicines have Sensation as of a stone in stomach. But pulsatilla has less in sensation as compare to other two medicines.

2. Bryonia leads in thirst, needs large quantities of water, Pulsatilla needs very little or no thirst.

3. Bad taste in mouth is common symptom in all three medicines, here Nux vomica has Sour taste and Bryonia and Pulsatilla has bitter taste.

4. Causation of gastric disorder are quite different in these medicines. Bryonia disorders are due to dietetic errors when warm weather starts after colds. Pulsatilla disorders are due to Rich food, Pastries, Fatty food, Ice Cream. Nux vomica disorders are result of Over eating, inactivity, drugs abuse, tobacco, coffee, alcohol , in brief we can say high living.

5. All these medicines have Nausea,Vomiting, diarrhea. Bryonia symptoms are worse on motion, on rising from bed. Nux vomica symptoms are worse in morning and due to overeating. Pulsatilla symptoms are worse in evening and night , worse by eating. Nux vomica diarrhea is dysenteric type and pulsatilla diarrhea is with great rumbling.

6. All these medicines have Thick,white coating on tongue but modalities, temperament, causation differ these medicines.

7. Nux vomica likes covering always, Pulsatilla better in open air and Bryonia worse when hot weather starts after colds.

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