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Jun 28, 2008

Surgery : Risk Facts

Based on WHO report "An Estimation of Global Volume Of Surgery" published in The Lancet on June 25, 2008.

World Health Organization Published a study on worldwide surgeries. Some important facts about Surgeries:

1. 234 million surgeries are undertaken worldwide every year.
2. 1 in every 25 people undergo some minor or major surgery every year.
3. 7 million patients undergoing surgery have Major complications.
4. 1 million die each year as a result of surgical complications.
5. 3 % to 16 % Inpatient surgeries result in unnecessary complications.
6. 0.4% to 0.8% Death rates from complications during surgery.
7. 5 % to 10% Death rates during major surgery in developing countries.
8. Death from general Anaesthesia alone is high as 1 in 150.
9. In 3% cases of surgeries Infections are reported which cause complications.
10. Surgeries are mostly done for Ischaemic heart disease,Cerebro-vascular disease, Cancers and Orthopedic Injuries.

What wrong happen most commonly in India:-

Cases of surgeries being done on the wrong patient,on the wrong part of his body and surgical equipment being left behind is very common in India.

Comparative Facts :

A. Total expenditure Per head on health ( in US $)

China 277
Russia 583
India 91
Indonesia 118
Iran 604
South Korea 1135
Turkey 557

B. Total Average surgeries per year on 1,00,000 population

China 2659
Russia 4257
India 369
Indonesia 1462
Iran 4744
South Korea 6684
Turkey 4188

C. Expected Rate of annual Operations

China 31900000- 38400000
Russia 5600000- 6500000
India 3700000- 4400000
Indonesia 2900000- 3500000
Iran 2900000- 3600000
South Korea 2900000- 3400000
Turkey 2800000- 3300000

Studies and report by World health Organization suggests that approximately 50% of these complications may be preventable if right " SAFE SURGERY CHECK LIST" applied before and during surgeries.

Homeopathy : Scope and Hope

Homeopathy is helpful in reducing the number of many Minor and Major surgeries. Surgeries for superficial cysts, Ovarian Cysts, Kidney and Bladder Stones , Gall Bladder Stones, Warts Cysts of eyelids , Pus Pockets, Hemorrhoids ( Piles), Fissures ,Fistulas , Appendicitis and some other diseases can be cured by Medicines only.

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