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Jul 7, 2011


If you've come to this page directly via a search engine, please note this article is mainly for homeopaths and students of homeopathy, so assumes a certain level of understanding of homeopathic concepts and terminology.

 Aesculus Hippocastanum

Aesculus is a remarkable medicine for Hemorrhoids and some other disorders. Sign and symptoms of Aesculus are following:- 

1.  Heaviness and Lameness are main sensations specially in the sacro-iliac regions.
2. Fullness and Bursting in fauces, stomach, bowels, rectum and chest.
3. Rectum feels full: sore with burning and itching; full of small sticks.
4. "Blind" hemorrhoids, protruding, aching, burning, purplish with shooting pains to sacrum and back.
5. Dull backache that makes walking impossible and aggravate from stooping or rising from stooping.
6. Aching, Pinching pains in right hypochondrium aggravated by walking. Pain extends up between the shoulders.
7. Rectum feels full: dryness and itching.
8. Rectum full of small sticks.
9. Constipation: Hard dry stool passed with difficulty.
10. Hemorrhoids : Blinds, painful, rarely bleeds.Pain like a knife, sawing up and down; could not sit, stand or lie; only kneel.
11. Mucous Membranes dry, swollen; burn and feel raw.
12. Leucorrhea: with lameness in back across sacro-iliac articulations, with great fatigue walking.

Comparison Of Nitric Acid and Aesculus  In Hemorrhoids and Rectum disorders: 

1. Aesculus has rectum full of sharp sticks but Nitric Acid has a splinter there, pricking sharply during the stool.
2. Nitric Acid endures agonies during stool and for hours after stool; in Aesculus pains come on some hours after stool.
3. Nitric Acid has Fissure and Bleeding piles, Aesculus has large, purple protruding piles with sawing knife like pain. 


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