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Feb 22, 2014


(Iodide of Iron)

Scrofulous affections, glandular enlargements, and tumors call for this remedy. Crops of boils. Acute nephritis following eruptive diseases. Uterine displacements. Body emaciated. Anemia. Exophthalmic goiter following suppression of menses. Debility following drain upon vital forces. Impetigo of the cheek.

Stomach :- Food seems to push up into throat, as if it had not been swallowed.

Abdomen :- Fullness, even after a little food; stuffed feeling, as if she could not lean forward.

Throat :- Sore, as if of a splinter, shooting in different directions. Hoarse.

Respiratory :- Coryza; discharge of mucus from nose, trachea and larynx. Pressure beneath sternum. Scrofulous swelling of nose. Chest feels oppressed. Hemoptysis.

Urinary :- Urine dark. Sweet smelling. Crawling sensation in urethra and rectum. Sensation as if urine were stopped at fossa navicularis. Difficulty in retaining urine. Incontinence in anemic children.

Female :- On sitting, feeling as if something pressed upward in vagina. Much bearing down. Retroversion and prolapse of uterus. Leucorrhoea like boiled starch. Menses suppressed or scanty. Itching and soreness of vulva and vagina.

Dose :- Third trituration. Does not keep long.

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