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Nobel Episode Revisited

Dr. G. S. Hehr

1998, 99 pages, Nyoom – Annesh Publications, Canada.

The present book is an outcome of the author’s earnest endeavors to put the Alexander Technique in its proper perspective.

Nikolaas Tinbergen with two other scientists awarded Nobel prize in 1973 for ‘Physiology or Medicine’. More surprising was N. Tinbergen’s Nobel Oration, in which he eulogized the ‘Alexander Technique’. Even more surprising was the reaction of Edward Maisel and some others to that part of the Nobel Lecture. Their remarks, on the Nobel Lecture as well as on the Alexander Technique, can easily mislead any body who happens to read those comments.

   Dr. Hehr, addresses criticisms levelled at Tinbergen and Wilfred Barlow, who apparently read drafts of the second part of the Tinbergen’s speech concerned with the Alexander Technique. Letters to the editors ( 'New Scientist' and 'Science') are reproduced with notes and commentary by Dr. Hehr.
This book also includes Peter Macdonald's , "Instinct and Functioning in health and disease" as an example of how the Technique can successfully be presented to the medical fraternity  and an unpublished letter from Frank Pierce Jones to the editor of  'Science'.

  Book is valuable for readers who are interested in Alexander Technique and concerned with that particular Episode.

  Book, which was earlier out of print, can be bought from Distributors:

Dr. Hehr Street, Purani Abadi,
Sri Ganganagar
Contact No. +91 9414093824



Psychology: An Approach to Mind & Behaviour 

Dr. Rajeev Khanna

Homeopathy emphasizes that mental features are important for patient’s diagnosis. Therefore knowledge of Psychology is helpful in numerous ways. Central Council of Homeopathy, India, has included psychology as a part of syllabus for Bachelor in homeopathy (B.H.M.S.).

This book is specifically designed for Students, The book discusses the major topics of psychology without overwhelming with too much details.
This book written by Dr. Rajeev Khanna who is presently working as Associate Professor at S K Homeopathic Medical college, Jaipur (Rajsthan), India.

To get your copy of this great introductory book, contact to 

Dr Rajeev Khanna

Mobile no. +91 9414241423

D-9, Ramnagar, Shastri Nagar, Jaipur
Rajasthan (India)

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