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Jan 7, 2015


Pessimist, sad, believes his disease incurable. Diabetes, fatigue.

Mind:- Depressive state, want of confidence as regards cure.

Head:- Acute headaches better by holding the head in both hands. Cephalic neuralgia, intermittent with throbbing.

Eyes:- Eyes red, congested, swollen as if from a blow. Impression that the bladder is emptied. Frequent desire for urinating, every hour, pressing, difficult to retain. Incontinence if not immediately evacuated. Diabetes with hyperglycemia, but absence of thirst.

Extremities:- Legs are heavy, weighty, varicose veins. Varicose ulcers with abundant purulant secretion. Deep varicose ulcers, borders are very painful ( Ars., Arn., Aesc., Lach.), but the base of the ulcer is completely painless. Varicose ulcers more painful at night, better by rest, by covering the legs, aggravated by cold and by the contact of water. Swelling of the malleoles; painful with the sensation of great weakness. Itching and burning in the legs.

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